Woven Ties

We produce high-quality woven ties here in our solar-powered mill here in the UK, with lead times of just 4 weeks. There is a choice of polyester or silk. Our polyester ties are made from recycled yarn, unlike most other suppliers who use polyester yarn made from crude oil. Our ties give a high-end, sophisticated finish to any design and some of the best custom made woven silk ties available.

Minimum orders start from as little as 50; you can call us to organise you’re free of charge artwork for your design or if you have a tie you wish us to replicate then post this into us!

Woven Tie Suppliers in the UK

All Keltic Ties are made in England woven from the finest fabrics to ensure all our polyester and silk woven ties are of the highest standard. As all our ties are made in the UK, this means we can offer excellent lead times of just four weeks including a sample of your woven tie before proceeding to your bulk order.

Not to be confused with embroidered ties, woven ties are made by weaving silk or polyester yarn to produce woven tie fabric with different textures. If having a logo, this will be weaved into the design as opposed to embroidery which is stitched on top. Woven ties give a flat, premium finish every time.

Silk Woven Ties

We have a selection of weaves that can be used for your polyester and woven silk ties ranging from textured to smooth. Which Woven Tie Should I Choose For My Design or if you can’t decide, leave it to us, and we’ll decide which weave best suits your design!

Speak to us about your design in mind and we will have free visuals drawn up by our artist Karen to show how your woven silk ties will look.

If you would like to see examples of our previous work, just provide your postal address and we will post samples of our past woven ties for you to take a look at.

Call us now on 01922 612888 or contact us on the form to the right to get started.

School Ties
School Ties

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4 simple steps to your new ties:

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Which Weave Should I Choose For My Design?

Weave and cloth choice for your woven ties can be confusing. That’s why we thought we’d offer some guidance by answering some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. The one question we get asked the most queries the difference between the properties of polyester and silk, and furthermore which weave provides the best suitability for certain needs. Below, we’ll look into this in detail, so that you can soon be well on your way to selecting the perfect tie for your needs!

Polyester Woven Ties
Polyester ties are the most popular option, as they are hard wearing and easy to clean should you happen to spill your soup down them! They are a perfect choice for everyday wear and will keep you looking smart day-in, day-out.

Woven Silk Ties

Silk is typically softer than polyester and is perfect for that extra special occasion. Silk gives you a finish that’s just that extra bit special and really makes a statement at your dinners and meetings.

Which weave type should I choose for my ties?

Now the answer to this question depends on the type of woven silk ti design you want and whether you will be wearing them regularly. We’ve listed a few of the most popular choices below for you.

Woven Ties

Herringbone Weave

Herringbone provides a funky texture to your tie and can really make your stripes pop (It’s really just a fancy name for a zig-zag!).

Woven Ties

Reppe Weave

Reppe is typically the go-to weave for almost any design; it is the most robust and long-lasting weave we can supply. School ties are produced with a reppe, so if they’re good enough to last through endless school playground activities you can guarantee they’ll be great for you.

Woven Ties

Satin Weave

Satin gives a lovely finish to your tie. The cloth is smooth and its colours are vibrant. A real eye-catcher!

Woven Ties

Twill Weave

Twill gives your tie some texture and looks like small ‘grooves’ running through the tie. This can really jazz up your tie, especially if the majority of the design is a plain colour. This one is also great for adding to any wider stripes in your design.

Woven Ties

Non-Crease Weave

Non-crease is pretty self-explanatory; this one is especially popular with military designs!

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